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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bleach the 3rd Phantom 4184 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD

NDS rom Download: Bleach the 3rd Phantom 4184 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD
Bleach the 3rd Phantom 4184

Become an angel of death, or shinigami in this simulation RPG. The plot of the game bridges the gap between the past and the present through the twins, Kudou Fujimaru and Matsuri. The storyline of the game is split into the flashback arc and the present arc.

The flashback arc introduces Suzunami Seigen, the traitor Aizen Sousuke's deceased superior and the twins. The outer ring of the Soul Society has always been under the Hollow's attack, and during one of the many rescue missions, Seigen discovered the orphaned twins and brought them home to rear up as his children. As time passed, the twins grew up, graduated from the academy and were assigned to work under Suzunami Seigen.

On the other hand, in the present arc, Ichigo is battling the vizards and arrancars. In the face of their overwhelming power, Ichigo and his friends' forces prove to be futile. In one pivotal moment, the Kudou twins traveled from the past to the present to his aid.

This game does not only provide an exciting gaming experience, but enhance your understanding of the world of Bleach. Aside from gaining a deeper insight into the intriguing Aizen Sousuke's character and the previous generation of leaders of the thirteen Divisions, the game also depicts the childhood of the main characters from Soul Society.

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