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Friday, October 2, 2009

Metropolis Crimes (E) 4231 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD

NDS rom Download: Metropolis Crimes (E) 4231 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD
Metropolis Crimes (E) 4231

Metropolis Crimes is heavily inspired by 1920’s prohibition era US, with particular focus on noir elements of storytelling, including the obligatory corrupt officials and influential gangsters, as Red Johnson “uses his wit, cunning and courage” to solve the crimes while gathering evidence and information from witnesses and suspects, all of whom are said to have their own personal stories and objectives.

Another unique aspect of Metropolis Crimes is how the game takes full advantage of the DS’s capabilities, such as using the stylus to analyse pieces of evidence in full 3D, while the interview and dialogue portions of the game use “a stress bar, a limited time and a clever use of the stylus,” adding a smack of tension to these sections, while the microphone is used to “point out hidden details and clean your fingerprint clues.”

One last piece of identity that Metropolis Crimes can claim is its use of a “fearsome” jazz soundtrack and steampunk atmosphere, with music created by an award-winning composer, Markus Schmidt.

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