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Monday, October 19, 2009


NDS rom Download: Mystery Stories [E][MULTi4] 4234 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD


Mystery Stories [E][MULTi4] 4234

The story begins with New York journalist Michelle Deanfield holidaying on a deserted Caribbean island. However, peace and tranquillity does not last long as news breaks of a kidnapping and a murder. The natives of the island believe the old Mayan spirits are to blame but Deanfield is sure there is more to uncover. Players must investigate numerous crime scenes including Mayan caves, hotel rooms, a museum and the beach using the stylus to pick up various clues and items and store them in their inventory.

Time management and speed is vital as each level in the game contains a list of objects that gamers must find before the clock in the corner of the screen runs down. However, assistance is at hand from a ‘stop bonus’ that temporarily freezes the clock, giving a few extra seconds for careful examination of the area. There is also a map that can be opened to switch between locations and a hidden sun symbol can be collected to help with extra bonus time and hints.

Mystery Stories features an enthralling storyline with intuitive touch screen controls and 1150 hidden objects to find. The game has 10 unique search modes that indicate which items need to be found in each setting. These vary from basic lists to more cryptic descriptions, requiring players to search in the dark using torchlight in some levels. There are over 180 puzzles and mini games to complete including jigsaws and spot the difference type challenges.

Mystery Stories puts budding detectives’ puzzle solving and observational skills to the ultimate test against a backdrop of intrigue and secrets in over 40 different environments. Real life locations include the historical city of Berlin where players guide Deanfield to the Brandenburg Gate and ‘Checkpoint Charlie,’ the name given by Western Allies to a crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.

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