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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Metroid Prime Pinball [U] 0142 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD

NDS rom Download: Metroid Prime Pinball [U] 0142 NDS NINTENDO DS ROM DOWNLOAD
Metroid Prime Pinball [U] 0142

Metroid Prime Pinball is one of those unique times where the title tells you exactly what it is: Metroid Prime, but in pinball form. Fuse Games took several environments from the Metroid Prime universe and condensed them down into traditional pinball table designs chock full of targets, bumpers, spinners, ramps; pretty much every pinball gimmick that's been explored in the arcade is at work in some fashion in Metroid Prime Pinball, right down to multi-ball challenges that can throw, literally, a half dozen balls at the player.

But because this is pinball in a virtual sense, the designers throw a lot of fun elements that can't exist in real pinball. There are plenty of challenges where players must target familiar Metroid Prime enemies wandering around the environment, or even wall jump against the back glass to grab a hovering target. And one multi-ball challenge requires players to hit colored targets that can only be scored with the same colored ball.

All this comes through in a unique display that spans both of the Nintendo DS screens as one single screen. Like Mario Pinball Land, the pinball tables are confined and do not scroll, which makes it a lot easier to aim for targets from the bottom of the screen to the top. But because the additional DS screen extends the game tables vertically, the developers have created a handheld pinball game that feels much more like real pinball, with far more screen real estate and a view that mimics players looking down at a pinball machine. The only downside is the "Dead Zone" between the two screens; the tables are laid out as if the gap in the middle is some of the table that just isn't seen. This helps with the timing for when the ball leaves one screen and enters another, but it does affect visibility when the ball is lazily rolling around in the middle out of the player's sight. This only happens occasionally, but it does cause some confusion when the ball disappears from view. It's a minor quibble, and it's something that the player needs to adjust to during the action.

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